Use of Social Media among University Students: Leisure or Learning

Fayyaz Ahmad Faize, Fazal ur Rahman and Muhammad Athar Hussain


The use of social media, particularly Facebook has grown tremendously popular and is increasing fast with every coming day. Most of the users happen to be students of higher education institutions, so it is pertinent to explore the nature of its use by university students, the harms associated with it and the issue of Facebook for spreading religious posts. The sample for the study comprised of university students purposively selected from a large public sector university in Islamabad. The data was collected through an open-ended questionnaire properly validated and pilot tested. It was found that Facebook is mainly used for keeping contact with friends, sharing information, as a source of entertainment and leisure activity. However, its use as an online learning resource was found very rare among the university students. The students identified various harms of using Facebook including personal, social and moral effect. We found diverse reactions of students regarding Islamic posts on Facebook, the concerns associated with these posts and how the abuse of Islamic posts can be prevented.

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