Teacher’s Perceptions Regarding the Role of Information and Communication Technology in Inclusive School Environment

Zikra Faiz, Hafiz Tahir Jameel & Abdul Hamid


The study was aimed to discover the usage of information and communication technology at inclusive schools in Lahore, Pakistan. Objectives of the study were to explore the teachers’ experiences and identify the benefits of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) being used in inclusive classrooms. A qualitative approach was adopted while the research design was phenomenological in nature. A cross-sectional survey method was used to conduct the study. Semi-structured interview protocol consisted of six open ended questions. The sample was comprised of fifteen inclusive school teachers that were selected through purposive sampling technique. A semi-structured interview protocol was validated by course instructors and assessment experts. Data was analyzed by using Microsoft excel through thematic analysis and making themes. The study revealed that ICT was helpful in searching material from internet. Teachers expressed that ICT makes their interaction easier with the non-disable and disable students in the class. ICT may help in visually and hearing impaired along with normal students. Computers, audio software, audio books, jaws, tape recorders and multimedia were used in classrooms during teacher’s lectures and presentations in inclusive classrooms.

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