Relationship between Workload and Burnout of Special Education Teachers

Ibtasam Thakur


Special education teachers tend to undergo burnout more than general education teachers. One of the reasons of burnout is work load and unjustified division of workload in special education sector. Consequently, the turnover rate and rate of absenteeism is higher over there. The purpose of the present study is therefore, to examine the relationship between workload and burnout among special education teachers in the department of special education Punjab. Correlational research design was used for this research study. The data of this study was obtained from 374 special education teachers from 9 districts of the Punjab. Stratified cluster random sample technique was used to draw the sample. The data were collected through questionnaire developed by the researchers for work load and burnout. The results of this study showed that more workload does result in higher levels of burnout, which means that there is a positive correlation between workload and burnout. In order to increase job motivation level of teachers, time scale promotion of teacher of special education may be ensured.

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