Quality of Teacher Education Program of Distance Mode

Naveed Sultana, Munazza Ambreen, Muhammad Tanveer Afzal


Education is considered the best investment for national development through the development of human. For this development formal and distance education systems are contributing equally. In Pakistan Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is playing significant role to provide the education facilities at large scale for all levels through distance mode. Particularly teacher education program of AIOU is the largest one to offer the educational opportunities to the teachers of all levels. Currently this study was intended to explore the quality of teacher prepared by AIOU. While focusing the quality indicators related to teacher education program these objectives were addressed. (1) To examine the quality of different components of teachers education offered by AIOU. (2) To examine the significant role of AIOU in providing teacher education (3) to explore the factors affecting the quality of teacher education program of AIOU (4) to give suggestions for improving the quality of teacher education program. This was descriptive study, sample of study comprised on 200 students and 50 tutors of M.Ed/M.A education. For data collection questionnaire on three point scale were developed and administered among the sample. Through percentage data was analyzed. Majority of the respondents opinioned that quality of curriculum, delivery mechanism, evaluation system and students support services was not satisfactory. Hence workshop component is effective for enhancing the knowledge and professional skills of students. Correspondence mechanism of university is not effective. On the basis of the findings, revision of courses, strengthen the students support service while addressing their program related queries, improving assessment system and feedback of tutors on assignments may be ensured.

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