Predicting Academic Performance in Undergraduate Online Degree Programs from Previous Academic Achievement in Pakistan

Nauman Ahmed Abdullah & Munawar Sultana Mirza


Entry qualification scores and earlier academic achievements are the quality attributes of learners. Studying those in correlation and as predictor of their academic achievement in undergraduate and postgraduate levels is valuable for students, universities and academicians. The present research was undertaken with the purpose to determine predictions from previous examination scores about students’ performance at university level. Predictive correlation method was used to explore Pearson r and multiple regressions analysis to predict CGPA of students based on their previous cumulative examination scores. By program analysis of various two years undergraduate and four years BS (hons) programs was carried out on data of 2008 and 1025 graduates, respectively. Positive, significant correlations were observed in previous cumulative examination scores and entry qualification scores with CGPA of learners. Separate analyses were made for low, average and high achievers. Significant predictions for all programs of different durations were made that have certain implications for university administration,academicians, and researchers around the world. Recommendations based on findings and contextual discussion points have been made for further research.

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