Pakistan Journal of Distance Education & Online Learning, Vol 3, No 1 (2017)

Issue No. 1 of volume 3 has been published.

Table of Contents

Design and Development of Online Student Support System

Kamran Mir
Exploring the Potential of Virtual Learning in an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Environment

Atif Farooq Solangi, Moiz Uddin Ahmed, Shahid Hussain, Muhammad Daud Khattak

An Analysis of Perceptions of Female Students Regarding the Promotion of Distance Mode Learning in Pakistan

Ghulam Sughra

Availability and Problems Relating to the Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) Among University Students

Mahek Arshad, Quratul Ain Hina

Use of Social Media among University Students: Leisure or Learning

Fayyaz Ahmad Faize, Fazal ur Rahman, Muhammad Athar Hussain

Factors Affecting Student’s Attitude towards Mobile Advertising

Adnan Farooq

Launch of Distance Education in University of Haripur: Its Rationale, Significance and Challenges

Asaf Niwaz

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