Language Attitude of the Pakistani Youth towards English, Urdu and Punjabi: A Comparative Study

Furrakh Abbas & Zafar Iqbal


The current research aimed at comparing the language attitude of the Pakistani youth towards English, Urdu and Punjabi in a linguistically competitive environment. These languages play significant role in the country and are important in their own way. The objectives of the current research were to explore the integrative and instrumental motivation towards these languages, to analyze the social prestige of these languages and their importance in the global perspective. The study adopted the mentalist approach and employed questionnaire as research instrument in the quantitative paradigm of research. The data was collected from a sample of 445 respondents and was analyzed in SPSS through descriptive and inferential statistics. The study concludes that the respondents attach integrative motivation with Urdu and Punjabi while the instrumental motivation and sense of superiority is attached with English language. The study demands changes in language planning in education with the purpose to create environment for balanced development of all languages and positive attitude towards indigenous languages.

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