Issues, Challenges and Support in Accessing Distance Education Technologies for Individuals with Disabilities

Zahid Majeed


The main objective of the study was to collect the information or data on issues, problems, challenges and support in accessing technologies for individual with disabilities. The second objective of the study was about the delivery of content, not approachable educational technology that is open source in open and distance education and instructional design. A survey was conducted in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and formal universities where the disabled students were enrolled. The researcher developed a questionnaire to collect the information and then it was verified by the interviews. Questions in both tools were based on issues, problems, challenges and support in accessing educational technologies. The findings from the data of the formal universities were not encouraging; mostly reported that they are facing problems and having issues in accessing the educational technologies. Though they have problems and issues in distance education too but much support was available for them in distance education. The recommendations of study were for both formal and distance education institutions that they must consult or consider problems and issues of students with special needs in selecting educational technologies as well developing content for the subjects and programs.

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