Impact of Teaching Practices on Learners’ Behavioural Pattern towards English Language Learning

Tariq Khan, Zulfiqar Ali & Farzana Masroor


This study explored and examined how learners’ perceive the impact of the teaching practices on their behavioural aspect of attitude during the teaching of the English language. To this end, a questionnaire was developed from the ‘Motivational Strategies Questionnaire’ (Cheng & Dörnyei, 2007) and based on Dornyei & Otto (1998) process model of students’ motivation. Those items selected from the questionnaire, which were related to learners’ aspect of behavioural attitude. The study was carried out at the City University of Science and Information Technology(CUSIT), Peshawar and Institute of Management Sciences(IMS), Peshawar (IMS). The participants were undergraduate students from Freshman English 1, 2, 3 and Functional English including both males and females. Consequently, the data collected were tested by employing SPSS t-test. The results inferred, showed that the students conveyed their weak satisfaction and fulfillment in their teachers’ teaching practices for their behavioural feature of attitude towards speaking skill.

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