Factors Affecting Student’s Attitude towards Mobile Advertising

Adnan Farooq


The study has been conducted to analyze of the students attitude towards mobile phones. 300 students from different universities and colleges of Islamabad / Rawalpindi were taken. They were of various age groups, academic level, gender and the variables measured are; information, entertainment, irritation and credibility. There were 70% males and 30% female students. According to age there were 29% in the range of 16-20 years; 46% were in the range 21-25; 17% were in the range 25-30 and 9% beyond 30. According to education about 11% are Intermediate, 51% Graduation, 36% Masters and 1 % students are of MS/M-Phil level. The data compiled on the basis of questionnaire shows that almost 53 % students enjoy the SMS and take it as entertainment, 51% receive only specific information as and when required basis. 39% feel irritation by receiving any SMS on their mobiles phones, whereas, 40% even don’t bother to read the full text message, received on their mobiles. Overall 59.7% like mobile advertising. It can be concluded that the students generally have positive attitude towards mobile advertising.

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