Factors Affecting Reading Interests of Distance Learners

Naseem Akhtar, Muhammad Ather Khan & Fazal-ur-Rahman


Reading is not only limited to students in boundary wall institutions, where all individuals cannot access easily. People belongs to poor family backgrounds cannot reach to these institutions for learning and reading while reading is for all, for the better understanding of life. Reading has its value being a source of knowledge and every individual has a right to get knowledge. Book reading does not mean to read only course related books which students are bound to attend classes in boundary wall institutions for passing exams. It has various reading materials like magazine, story books, comic books, newspaper and general knowledge for broadening students’ minds at all levels. Distance learner plan to increase their knowledge of these things at home or nearest to home places without the restrictions of boundary wall. Young students’ engagement in reading is valuable in their future success. All distance learners in Bahawalpur region in year 2017 were the population of this study. Students participating in distance learning workshops were contacted. The students who were willing to participate in survey were selected as sample. Hence convenient sampling technique was used. Total 1100 students participated in the survey conducted in this regard. Data was collected through a questionnaire and correlation between facilities and reading interest was measured. It is found that students’ interest is correlated with fathers’ reading interest and available books at home or nearest place to their home. It is recommended that students may be provided with reading material at nearest place and parents should also show interest in reading so that children may follow them accordingly.

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