Emerging Technological Trends in Distance Education

Mahek Arshad, Shazia Zamir & Rahmat ullah Bhatti


Distance learning is one of the fastest growing areas of education in recent years. Despite the recent significant developments in the electronic networking world, particularly the recent global focus on the Internet, which provides major technical thrusts, other emerging technologies have also committed to changing the pattern of general education, with particularly intensifying distance education. The present study intends to explore the current technological trends in the field of distance education. The objectives of this study were to identify the emerging technological trends in distance education and to find out the effectiveness of emerging technologies in distance education. It was a theoretical study in which emerging technological trends in distance education were identified by an extensive review of studies and literature in the field. Major findings inferred from review were technology trends in the field of distance education include information and communication technologies, hybrid learning, asynchronous and synchronous media, learning management systems, social networks, mobile learning, digital libraries and the World Wide Web.

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