Effectiveness of Self Instructional Material of Distance Education

Javid Iqbal, Ehsan Mahmood & Muhammad Idrees


The study evaluated the self-instructional materials of M.Ed level of Allama Iqbal Open University, considering eight parameters i.e. introduction, objectives, contents of units and its organizations, format, presentation style, visual materials, individualized learning, examples from daily life, summary at the end of unit and glossary. All over Pakistan 585 students, 70 tutors, 20 Unit writers and 8 Course coordinators constituted the population of the study which was taken as a sample i.e.100% sampling. Data were collected through four questionnaires. The major results of the study portrayed that introduction of units has been written clearly, provides the introductory summary of the course units and each unit objectives are relevant to M.Ed programme. The organization of contents is in a logical sequence and distance education philosophy is incorporated in the format, presentation style of materials. The enough visual materials are included in the content. The materials of distance education of AIOU facilitate individualized learning while the quoted examples in the material are not match with the daily life and local situation of the distance learners. However, there was no summary and glossary of unit.

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