Effect of Trainee Teachers’ Video Recorded Teach and Re-teach Demonstrations on their Performance

Iftikhar Ahmed & Manzoor Hussain Shah


This study observed the effect of video recording of microteaching training in comparison with traditional teaching on student teachers’ performance while practicing teaching. Fifty student teachers of Regional Institute for Teacher Education female Abbottabad comprised the sample of the study. Pre-test post-test equivalent group design was used for the experiment. For data collection valid and reliable observation sheet was adopted. Pre-test post-test data was analyzed. Pretest findings showed the same level of performance of student teachers of both control and experimental groups. Post-test t test application indicated significant difference between the performance of student teachers of control and experimental group. Comparatively the performance of prospective teachers of experimental group was better than the performance of student teachers of control group in the use of questioning and students’ reinforcement skill. The use of video recording of microteaching as a feedback tool improves the teaching performance of the student teachers. Hence, it is suggested that trainee teachers teach and re-teach demonstrations may be video recorded. So that, the student teachers having received feedback in the light of their video recorded microteaching, may acquire and use microteaching skills in their professional careers for better teaching performance.

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