Effect of Synectics Model of Teaching in Enhancing Students’ Understanding of Abstract Concepts of Mathematics

Aftab Ahmad Khan & Nasir Mahmood


Abstract concepts of mathematics are always difficult for the students to comprehend. These concepts are a continuous source of low achievement in mathematics. A study was conducted to explore the effect of Synectics Model of teaching in enhancing understanding of abstract concept of mathematics. It was a form of quasi-experimental study using nonequivalent Control group design. The sample was two intact groups of grade eight (Control, N=35) and (Experimental, N=33). Two schools were selected among high schools of district Haripur where the researcher could seek permission to conduct the study. The instrument was a self-developed achievement test from three units (Operations on Sets, Polynomials and Fundamentals of Geometry) of eighth class mathematics textbook. The results of the study revealed that when abstract concepts were taught using analogy, students were able to: (i) redefine the concept using their own words, (ii) relate concept to their daily life, (iii) apply the concept in daily life.

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