Challenges of Open Distance Learning Education in Nigeria

Adedapo A Atolagbe, Haliru A Umaru & Raheef O Oparinde


The quest for university education has led to the increased demand for Open Distance Learning Options in Nigeria, more so when the Conventional Universities have very limited enrollment spaces. However, many of the ODL students were faced with Challenges in pursuit of the programme which results in lower completion rates. This research work examined the influence of these challenges on the ODL students completion rate. Descriptive survey reseach design was used for the study. It covers all Business Education students in the ODL programme of the National Open Unviersity of Nigeria (Ilorin Study Centre) and the University of Ilorin. The study sample covered all 155 final year Business Education students in the programme. A researcher designed instrument entitled “Challenges of Business Education Students in Open Learning Distance Learning Programe Questionnaire” (CBESODLP) was used to gather data for the study. Adequacy of teaching materials was measured with how participating students view supply and provision of materials as well as preparation of school authority for the programme, while programme methodology was measured with timing of the programme wether it conflicts with their primary jobs or not. One research question and two hypotheses were raised, and analysed. The researcher used descriptive statistic to answer the research question and chi-square to analyse the hypotheses raised.The result of the analysis indicated a high completion rate in Marketing programme (95%) and Office Management and Technology (86%) while Accounting had a lower completion ate (68%). The two hypotheses raised were rejected, signalling a significant difference between adequate teaching materials and students’ completion rate.The study concluded that, adequate as well as relevant affordable teaching materials and student-friendly programme methodology are important to successful completion of Business Education Programmes in the Open Distance Learning of the two institutions in Ilorin.

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