An Analysis of Perceptions of Female Students Regarding the Promotion of Distance Mode Learning in Pakistan

Ghulam Sughra


In 21th Distance mode of learning plays significant role in the promotion of education. By the help of distance mode of learning we educate those who lives far away from us, through distance mode learning we educate them. The key purpose of the current investigation was to examine the perception of female students towards the promotion of distance mode learning in Pakistan. The main objectives of the current research paper were: (1) the perceptions of female students on the current practices of distance mode learning in Pakistan. (2) The perceptions of female students to suggest ways of promoting distance mode learning in Pakistan. It was quantitative study. The research design which was used for prevailing research paper was descriptive and survey type. The universe of the current study were all students who enrolled in all universities in Islamabad who provide distance mode of education. 270 Students were randomly selected and used stratified randomly techniques was used in selection of sampling. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument with five point Likert scale. Data were collected by researcher personally. Data were analyzed by the help of SPSS (Version, 20). And the data were tabulated in the form of figures and tables.

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