A Comparative Study of John Dewey and Muhammad Iqbal as Educationists

Yusrat Hussain, Niaz Muhammad Aajiz & Muhammad Idrees


A comparative study of Dewey and Iqbal as Educationists is based on scientific approach which combines findings of different scientific researches and is recognized as Meta- analysis. The fundamental principle in Meta-analysis is to search for a shared truth which may be found in good number of conceptually similar scientific researches.. The interviews of Heads of Education Departments may be considered the most valuable inputs of scholarly personalities. During literature review special attention was paid to the original work by Dewey and Iqbal. It was found that the real aims of education as explained by both educational thinkers are much more similar. Dewey and Iqbal stand at the point of greatest achievements or success in the field of educational philosophy, especially in their own cultures. Iqbal is surely preface to Pakistan and the Muslim philosophy while Dewey can be regarded as master mind in relation to secular liberalism for the Americans. Dewey and Iqbal make commencement of different philosophical presuppositions but it is astonishing to note that their educational philosophies do not sharply go to the level of antagonistic contrast. It is because of such reasons that this study became interesting and valuable for comparison and analysis of Dewey’s and Iqbal’s educational thoughts.

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