A Comparative Study of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) and University of Terbuka, Indonesia to Utilize MOOCs for the Professional Development of University Teachers

Naveed Sultana, Titi Chandrawati & Astri Dwi Jayanti


Advent of digital technologies and open learning spaces have superbly influenced higher education worldwide both in the formal and open universities. Open education is emerged as contemporary approach to learning and teaching. Teachers’ professional development in open education is a recognized and stimulating research area. MOOCs are innovative way of professional development of university teachers to prepare them via open education. MOOCs are generally provided free to all participants who seek to share their experiences and knowledge for personalized or collaborative learning. This study was proposed to bring innovation in teacher education by transforming professional development of university teachers through MOOCs. Followed by the positivist paradigm, the study was descriptive in nature by using quantitative and qualitative research methods. The population of the study comprised all the regular faculty members of one university in Pakistan and one university in Indonesia. Survey questionnaire and interview were used to analyze the perceptions of faculty members and heads of departments/programs of both universities for analyzing awareness about MOOCs, digital competencies, utilization of MOOCs in professional trainings, challenges for using MOOCs, and readiness & attitude towards using MOOCs for training courses. Data were analyzed by using mean score, t-test and transcribing the data. MOOCs-based training is to be provided to the teachers for its effective use.

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