Investigating the Transfer of Argumentation Skills through Engagement in an Online Learning Platform

Fayyaz Ahmad Faize & Fazal Ur Rahman


The learning and instruction process in Pakistan is geared around teacher-centered activities. This research aimed at involving high school students in an interactive online learning experience and to explore the acquiring of scientific argumentation skills through this online engagement. The secondary objective of the study was to investigate the transfer of argumentation skills learned through online learning to its application in other subjects. The sample consists of students of grade X who were engaged in constructing argument in Physics topics for one month using a web blog. The argumentation reports were collected for four weeks and then analyzed for quality and progression. The researchers found that students learnt the argumentation skills using the web blog and were able to transfer the skill in the subject of Pakistan Studies. The result of this study provides the prospect for using online learning in schools and the significance of scientific argumentation in improving the learning process.

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