Teachers Conception, Attitude and Practices of Educational Technology

Amir Zaman, Muhammad Athar Hussain, Abdul Ghafar & Sheraz Khan


Purpose of this study was to investigate teachers’ conceptions, attitude and practices of educational technology. Mixed-methods approach was adapted for this study. Sample of the study was 300 secondary school teachers. Self-designed questionnaire containing 15 items was administered for quantitative data, while interview was conducted with ten teachers. The questionnaire was properly validated statistically. Content analysis was applied which shows that teachers have misconceptions about educational technology that revolves only around material things. t-test analysis shows that practice and attitude towards educational technology was also not satisfactory and most of the teachers were found with poor attitude towards technology. Result shows that male had better conception than their female counter parts. Similarly, interaction effect calculated using generalized linear model and results showed that effect was significant in the practices of using technology only where rural female had good score while the other two aspects were not significant. In-service training is therefore suggested for improvement of teachers’ status in this particular area.

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