Impact of Social Media on the Learning of University Students in Pakistan

Muhammad Umair, Rukshinda Basharat & Sana Mairaj Bugti


Clicking, posting and scrolling are not the only purpose of social media. Social media has become multipurpose forum for the people. In the educational sector, the use of social media as interactive tools which motivate students towards learning. The aim of this research is to investigate the impact of social media on students’ learning in Iqra University, Karachi. Researchers conducted a complete review of the impact of social media for university students’ learning, identified the significant factors and deliberated on new models which were based on different research studies. By using random sampling technique, students were selected for data collection. Questionnaire was used as an instrumental tool for collection of data. IBM SPSS and Smart PLS were used for analyzing the data. Results of this research study state that social media creates a positive and significant impact on the learning of the students. As a part of this research, three platforms (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp) were discussed in this study. In future studies, researchers can add some more or different variables to study this phenomenon in more detail.

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