Evaluating Technology Acceptance in Teaching of Advanced Level Geography in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools

Thomas Firomumwe & Daniel Gamira


The main purpose of this qualitative study was to evaluate technology acceptance in teaching of Advanced level Geography in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used to evaluate teacher’s perceived usefulness of technology, perceived ease of use and teacher’s attitude towards using technology during instruction. The study purposively selected 40 A-level teachers to participate in this study. Data was collected through questionnaires and interviews. The findings of the study reveal that Advanced level Geography teachers’ find Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a useful tool which improve their efficiency and performance. Teachers find it very easy to use and integrate technology in their daily instruction though QGIS and ArcGIS software were difficult to use. Teacher’s positive attitude in using technology during instruction stem from perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use in ICT. The present study recommends that teachers must be trained to appreciate ICT use and on how to use QGIS, ARCGIS and other software in order to improve their computer and related software proficiency.

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