Effectiveness of Mobile Learning for Academic Progress of MS Education Students: A Case Study of Distance Learning Program at IIUI

Aisha Shams, Fouzia Ajmal & N. B. Jumani


Mobile learning plays a pivotal role in the students’ academic progress. Main objectives of this article were to examine the effectiveness of mobile learning in view of students’ academic progress, to describe the students’ preference for mobile learning, to examine the scope of use mobile learning by distance learners. The study was qualitative in nature and descriptive. Population of the study was all distance learners of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI). Sample for the study was MS Education distance learners. The tool used for data collection was open ended questionnaire. Collected data were then analyzed and interpreted using thematic method. Findings of the study indicate that mobile learning is an effective tool used by students of all ages for improving communication and learning and this device enable students to take guidance or to get current information regarding their courses and exams easily but this fact also prove by the study that some students were unaware of this concept. It is recommended that guidance is needed for both teachers and students regarding various shapes of mobile learning along with conducting training sessions to bring awareness in students and to highlight its importance.

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