Online Learning in Higher Education in the Backdrop of Covid-19: Pakistani Students’ Perspectives

Nida Shahzad & Wajeeha Aurangzeb


This study explored the students’ perspectives regarding online classes and the problems they have faced while attending online classes during crisis situation of Covid-19. Convergent parallel mix method design was adopted for this study and used online survey and structured interviews for data collection. The participants of the study were first semester social sciences students from two public universities of Rawalpindi city. Sample size for the survey was n=100 which was selected purposively and conveniently whereas, sample size for structured interviews was n=12. Results of the study indicated that higher educational institutes were not ready for this new approach of teaching as there was no proper access to learning management system (LMS).Most of the students were only receiving lectures in the form of power point slides or PDF whereas few teachers were using video lectures. Majority of the participants were not satisfied with this approach of teaching due to many problems including household chores, non-flexibility of online classes, electricity crisis, internet access and speed issues, lack of face to face interaction, explanation, understanding, and students’ involvement. It is suggested that during this time, the institutes can improve their online LMS and make their staff ready for online classes.

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