Learning Experiences of Students from Sindh and Balochistan About Online Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Inam u Rehman, Naila Siddiqua & Zarina Waheed


This research study explored the learning experiences of the students of government schools of Sindh province and private schools of Balochistan about online learning during COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Qualitative research methodology through a semi-structured online interview and focused group discussions was adopted for answering research questions. Through purposive sampling, sixteen students of federal public schools of Karachi and fifteen students from private schools of Balochistan were selected for interviews. Three focused group discussions were conducted among the participants from Karachi and two among the participants of Quetta. The qualitative raw data were transcribed, categorized and themes were generated. The findings of this study concluded that digital social media leaves deep impacts on the teaching and learning process of students. It is widely considered as a good initiative and appropriate alternative approach by saving and retaining the educational activities possibly from huge educational loss. Although these online classes have some limitations, they serve as a healthy and innovative approach reaching to students. Study recommends that the platforms of digital social media should be enhanced across the country both in rural and urban setting. Government should invest in technology based teaching and learning in order to train for such unfamiliar and sudden crisis.

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