From Global to Glocal: An Investigation of Pakistan Military Academy Students’ Perspective on Cultural Aspects in English Language Pedagogy

Amjad Sultan & Ansa Hameed


In response to the inculcation of global culture, behaviour of glocalization was shaped and disseminated into various fields of life including education and English language pedagogy across various countries. The current study focused on providing an insight into this glocalization with special orientation to learning and teaching English language in Pakistani context with particular focus on military academia. The research aimed to inquire the active participants of the learning process i.e. the students, with respect to their perspectives regarding inculcation of glocalization in their ELT curriculum. The research was primarily a survey based research which was conducted at Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), Kakul and 189 cadets are the respondents of this survey. Analytical framework of Byrem (1997, 2001) and Byrem & Feng (2006) is adapted and utilized. The study reveals that ELT contents at PMA are more embedded with culture of UK and lack local culture of the cadets. Moreover, the cadets are found positive towards the suggestion of including culture of various parts of national and military culture in their English textbooks. The current study recommended reappraisal of English language rehearsals at PMA with special orientation towards glocalization element which appreciates a mixture of cultural elements from local to global context.

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