Higher Education, Employment Opportunities and Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Nasim Khan Mahsud & Rabia Ali


This article draws from a PhD study to explore potential relationship among higher education, employment opportunities (being indicators of globalization) and women empowerment in Pakistan. It precisely focuses on women’s status, individual autonomy, family inter-personal relationships, and economic empowerment. The study was conducted by using the sequential, mix-method design. Initially data from 376 women were collected through survey followed by 26 in-depth interviews. The current paper is based on qualitative data acquired from 26 respondents from three-03 different domains of expertise (Parliamentarians, Journalists, and high-profile academicians/deans, vice-chancellors). The data was analyzed thematically, and transcripts were examined by the verbatim transcription analytical approach to look for themes and sub-themes. The findings show that women remain subjugated in Pakistan as they continue to be deprived of their rights and experience low status. Men remain in positions of power and prestige as they are the ones to occupy and utilize resources. Women remain under-represented in politics. However, in recent times, higher education and job opportunities have brought comfort to women’s lives but they have to struggle hard to get empowered. The study concludes that providing women with higher education and work opportunities is inevitable if we really want to empower women in Pakistan.

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