A Study of Communication Barriers in Open Distance Learning System of Education

Samra Anjum, Rahmat Ullah Bhatti & Muhammad Javed Iqbal


Communication transmits information, ideas and feelings from one person to another. But there are certain barriers which restrict the people’s expression. These are social barriers, cultural barriers, temporal barriers, technical barriers, psychological barriers, contextual barriers and collaboration barriers. Therefore, present study was designed (i) to explore the communication barriers faced by learner in distance education and (ii) to find out the effects of these communication barriers on achievement of distance learners. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select 380 M.Ed. students from the five main regions of Allama Iqbal Open University. All the Academia of Faculty of Education, all the Regional Heads and 300 tutors of M.Ed. program were included in the sample. Four questionnaires based on five-point Likert scale were used for data collection. Data were analyzed through mean score and standard deviation. It was concluded that distance learners faced challenges in communication which affect the achievements of distance learner. It was recommended to provide better communication facilitates to the distance learner through digital support services. Quality students support services can improve the communication process. Accessibility of internet and social media networking should be ensured atleast in study centers. Moreover, group interaction through tutorial and social media should be established.

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