Availability and Problems Relating to the Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) Among University Students

Mahek Arshad, Quratul Ain Hina


Information and Communication Technologies plays an important role in today’s information societies and educational systems of nations. Information and Communication Technologies are of greatest significance for the future of education in Pakistan. The major purpose of the study was to explore the availability and problems relating to the accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) among university students.  The study was descriptive type in nature. Major objectives of the study were to find out the availability of Information and Communication Technologies for university students and to investigate the problems faced by university students in accessing Information and Communication Technologies. Stratified random sample of 294 students of two leading public sector universities located at Islamabad were selected. Data were collected from departments of social sciences. Likert-scale questionnaire was developed by researcher and for the function of validity and reliability questionnaire was subjected to a pilot run.  Data were transferred to SPSS 19.0 for statistical analysis including percentage and mean analysis. The major findings of the study revealed students agreement upon the fact that Information and Communication Technologies are not available for them at university. Results showed that majority of students were having problem in accessing Information and Communication Technologies because of load-shading of electricity, unavailability of projectors, lectures in the form of CD’s and DVDs, slow internet and difficulty in accessing websites at university. It is recommended that computers, laptops, printers, multimedia, lectures in electronic form and scanners may be provided to university students sufficiently and trained technical staff should be available at university to resolve issues related with Information and Communication Technology equipment for students. 

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