Impact of Internet Utilization on University Students

Safdar Ghazi


The objectives of this study were: to analyze the academic, social, physical and moral impact of internet utilization on university students and to give recommendations to improve the situations and for further research. This was a survey type descriptive research. Population of the study comprised of all the students enrolled in BS programs in the eight randomly selected universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Seven hundred BS students were sampled from the selected universities using purposive sampling method. A self-developed questionnaire (on four parameters; academic, social, physical and moral effects) was used as a research tool. To examine the differences about the effects of internet utilization on university students independent sample t-test were used. Data were analyzed using Mean and Standard Deviation in SPSS 16. It was found that utilization of internet was positively affecting the academic activities of the students. Utilization of internet was making them more socialized; however, it was affecting their health and moralities negatively. It is recommended that there must be some awareness, guidance and check on the students to prevent them from negative effects of internet utilization on their health and moralities.

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