Relationship between Students’ Home Environment and their Academic Achievement at Secondary School Level

Farooq Nawaz Khan, Mehnaz Begum & Maryum Imad


Home is the first institution of a child that have significant relationships with students’ overall life. Current study have investigated the relationship of home enviornemnt with secondary school students performances. The focus of the study was to findout the relationship of home interactions, physcial facilities and students academic performances. Secondary school students were the population of the study. Data were colleted through a questionnaire and was analyzed with the help of SPSS. Percentage, mean scores, standard devaition and pearson correlation were applied to the collected data. Reuslts obtained from analysis illustrated that a substantail majority of respondents are lacking separate study rooms at their homes, have a very low interactional oppportnuties at home in home related matters, but still majority of them were satisfied with their home envionment. Based on the results it was recommended students need to be involved in domestic issues, they might be provided separate rooms for study and all the other facilities needed for educational progress of students.

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