Adequacy of Computer Assisted Phonological Awareness Intervention Program for Deaf Children

Ifra Sohail  Tanzila Nabeel  Munawar Malik 


The purpose of the study was to compare the efficiency of computerassisted (CA) phonological instructions on three levels of phonological awareness (PA) i.e. shallow, intermediate and deep on children and PA skill level comparison of hearing aid users and cochlear implant users. The study sample consisted of 40 children with age range 5-7 years, who used amplification devices in the form of a hearing aid and cochlear implant. While the selection criterion included a hearing age of three years. A developed Computer-assisted instructional plan was used to develop PA skills of hearing aid users and cochlear implant. This plan was validated under the supervision of senior experts in the field of speech and language therapy. Individualized sessions were provided to the students and recorded for ready referrals. After a treatment of three months for phonological development, the effect was observed on respective three levels of PA. A significant difference was observed on all three levels signifying the efficacy of intervention through computer-assisted instruction. Irrespective of the type of amplification system, i.e. hearing aid or cochlear implant, the treatment benefitted both groups.

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