Students’ Attitude Towards the Use of Mobile Telephone Technology in Distance Education

Neelam Nisar 


This research was aimed to explore the students’ attitude towards the use of mobile technology in distance education. The tool of research has been developed according to the standards of five-point Likert scale which is widespread and authentic for analyzing perception. It was also tested and validated through applying Chi Square for internal consistency. Using a survey method, data has been collected from the sample population comprised three hundred fifty five students and academics of Allama Iqbal Open University through the questionnaire. Purposive sampling was used to fetch the diversified opinion from the adult educationists and expert consultants in the field of distance education. Collection, organization, and interpretation of data has been done statistically using measures of central tendency, Chi Square test, and elaborated with help of figures and graphs. It is concluded that overall social attitude is supportive for using mobile telephone technology still it is not accepted equally at all levels by all the groups. Necessary training, awareness about the good and bad effects of using mobile technology also its adoption as educational technology in a managed way, came out as the key suggestions of the research.

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