An Analytical Study of Secondary School Textbooks with Reference to Peace Values

Zafar Hayat & Muhammad Sarwar 


Peaceful coexistence for a stable and progressing world demands the creation of a culture of peace which may be developed by teaching certain peace values. This study examines the presence of peace values in the textbooks of compulsory subjects (English, Urdu, Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies) for secondary school students (i.e. grade 9 and 10) of the Punjab, Pakistan. A self-developed content review format was used for this purpose. It was based on twelve peace values (Self-respect, Respect for others, Respect for Life/Nonviolence, Gender Equality, Compassion, Global Concern, Ecological Concern, Cooperation, Openness and Tolerance, Justice, Social Responsibility, and Positive Vision). Thematic analysis technique was employed to analyse the data. Findings of the study revealed that all the peace values had their representation in the textbooks but with unequal weightage. Four of the peace values ‘Self-respect’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Justice’, and ‘Positive Vision’ were highly focused particularly in the textbook of English. On the other hand, the peace values ‘Cooperation’, ‘Respect for Life/Nonviolence’, ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Openness and Tolerance’ were least emphasized. The recommendations of the study urged to incorporate more learning material in the textbooks representing these peace values at secondary level.

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