Effectiveness of Computer Simulation in Teaching Physics in ODL

Iqbal Shah, Waseem Ahmed


This study was an experimental design research. It aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of simulation in teaching of Physics at higher secondary school level. The main objective of the study was to explore the effect of simulation method of teaching Physics on academic achievement of students. Achievements were compared, taught by simulation method and conventional lecture method.

The sample comprises of forty students. Two groups of twenty students each were formed. One group was taught by computer simulation method and the other by conventional lecture method. The content of the teaching material was selected from the curriculum of Physics class XI, published by Punjab Textbook Board Lahore, Pakistan. The achievement tests were used as a tool of the research.

The finding of the research were, that the academic achievements of the students were significantly high through computer simulation method as compared to the group of students studied thought through conventional lecture method. It was recommended and suggested that computer simulation method may be applied in the schools and colleges for effective learning in the subject of Physics.

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