Anbalagan G, Rupali Srivastava


The rapid developments and growing population in the world are of serious concern for environmental damages in the recent years. The environmental challenges faced by almost all countries due to pollution of water, air and soil are inestimable. In order to combat the menace of environmental pollution and human hygiene, there is huge need of mass awareness on the environment and use of natural resources among the society. The formal systems of environmental education cater only a part of the need and augment the research and developments. The Open and Distance learning system in the country has attained paradigm shift in the recent years and attracts many aspiring learners to modernize their skills and updating the curricular knowledge. Disseminating knowledge on the environmental safety issues and sustainable practices by many distance Universities have attracted learners to prepare themselves for safe use of environmental resources and particularly in the field of agriculture the concept of organic farming, integrated farming, green energy technologies etc have been yielding good results. The environmental education also provides the use of water and safety of drinking water quality parameters that every common citizen must capable of understand to combat on the diseases caused by unhygienic water resources due to industrial effluents. This paper focuses on the promotion of environmental education and awareness through open and distance education to the society and need of changes in the curricular structure, learner’s models and other quality parameters so as to arrive better decision in making the fruitful efforts.

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