Mediation of E-learner’s Achievement: A Structural Model on Enablers of Motivation for Skill Transfer in Job-Holder E-Learners of Pakistan

Irram Shahzadi & Umair Ali


E-learning is an emerging form of organizational learning to train and educate employees in knowledge-based organizations. Whereas, the motivation to transfer those learned skills is of colossal prominence in training and operative knowledge management. This study is, therefore, intended to discover the structural connotation of operative aspects (internal value, sense of psychological happiness, learning environment, e-learner achievement) and skill transfer of e-learner. The online survey was performed for a collection of 213 employed e-learners of Virtual University, who were registered in three different courses of management sciences. Data was evaluated by using AMOS and SPSS. SEM results established that the structural connotation among e-learner’s sense of psychological happiness & motivation for skill transfer, internal value & e-learner’s achievement, is considerably confirmative. Nevertheless, the study instituted a feeble structural association between the learning environment and the e-learner’s motivation for skill transfer. Moreover, the mediation of the e-learner’s achievement was also investigated. Some schemes were prepared to amplify the e-learner’s learning outcomes by taking into account a few other propositions. In the end, the study endowed with some practical implications for the integrated interpretation of an e-learner’s operative aspects of motivation for skill transfer in knowledge-based organizations.

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