Impact of YouTube Tutorials in Skill Development among University Students of Lahore

Moneeba Iftikhar, Sohail Riaz & Zahid Yousaf


YouTube is becoming part of popular culture. To explore this advanced advent of technology in learning prospect, this study aims at finding the popularity of the YouTube tutorials among youth, along with their dependency on these videos and their usefulness. The focus of this research paper is on learning skills by watching YouTube tutorial among university students of Lahore, Pakistan. Software learning skills development has been analyzed among the students of 18-22 years. The respondents of the study were students of leading universities of Lahore. Survey method has been used to gather data and statistical linear regression analysis has been applied in order to test the hypothesis of the study. Results conclude that there is overall a positive impact for skill development on youth. YouTube tutorials help in understanding and building software aptitude among youth. Further the results indicate that tutorials may prove helpful in order to enhance students’ academic performance in the future.

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